Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Zana featured on Etsy homepage!

Exciting news, Zana, the lovely brand my mom and I started, was featured on the homepage of Etsy, which is actually quite a big deal for those of you who know Etsy. It is a great boost to your views and It actually led us to have our first sale! 

One thing I know about Etsy is that when you sell "expensive" things, ie. over $30, it takes a while to get your brand out there and get sales. We have been approached by a few South African websites wanting to sell our products locally and that is exciting news. 

We also have new, different and fun things to sell on the horizon (aka when I get a chance to photograph them). We are also hoping to get into a few markets and just have fun with it, that's what its all about. Nothing too serious at this point, my mom and I just love to make things!

While exploring Etsy, I was looking at other stores selling from Cape Town, I came across Skinny laMinx which is an amazingly successful store by a clearly very creative and brave individual, Heather Moore. She sells locally and on Etsy and has made quite a name for herself, very inspiring! 

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