Sunday, June 17, 2012

Lady Gaga is Coming to SOUTH AFRICA - It's Official!

PAWS UP little monsters, its official! 
Big Concerts confirmed the news this morning, saying the Born This Way tour is coming to SA & will be happening in Johannesburg (30 November at Soccer City) and Cape Town (3 December at Cape Town Stadium).
Tickets go on sale at 9am tomorrow on Computicket's website. Computicket outlets will start selling tickets from Thursday June 21. - Personal note (beg, borrow and steal due to my student financial crisis)
Seated tickets start at R315 and all standing tickets R715. They will be available tomorrow  at
Speculation was flying around, and I  have received the odd "Gaga is coming" whatsapp message in the past and would often break out in dance and play the entire Gaga album and throw my hair around like the real little monster I am. Then I would hear nothing else about it from any credible sources, and after searching the internet for proof and finding nothing, learnt not to get my hopes us. 
But Mother Monster is coming and THIS is one of the best days of my life so far & I CANNOT explain my joy!

Side note:
Me attempting to channel my inner Gaga for Halloween this year, or as it is otherwise known Gagaween:

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Fifty Shades of Grey

I am not a big reader, but as soon as there is a buzz book on the scene ie. Hunger Games and now the Erotic Novel "Fifty Shades of Grey" by EL James i'm down to investigate the hype. I'm almost done with Fifty Shades of Grey and its proved to be quite spicy. Its not all dirty porn book, its pretty romantic and allows any woman to swoon as this young, shy, book reading college girl who draws the attraction of a rich handsome and young CEO who happens to be heavily into bedroom domination, ha ha!

Here comes some fun things to giggle at, for those who have red the book!

on that note:
This would be a GREAT Christian Grey. Handsome, dark and would look great in a linen shirt.

Anastasia Steele, hmmmm im not sure...just not Kristen Stewart please!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hello, im here!

Hello, here is a little update on my life at the moment:

Dean and I had a kitten for one day, then we had to give her back. 

We saw an Albino squirrel in the Company Gardens

Me hanging outside on the balcony (im good at making puns tonight)

A few things I bought on an eBay spree yesterday:

cute winter tights

 Claw bracelet and the black stone YSL knockoff ring

This triangle necklace

I did a project on something to do with squirrels 

 Thank you & goodnight

Monday, May 14, 2012


Looking for some inspiration that isn't a random bunch of photos from who knows where on Pinterest. Nirrimi Hakanson is a Australian based photographer who's love child hippie spirit had her exploring and photographing from a young age. She was the youngest fashion photographer to be signed and is only 19 and has shot the recent Diesel campaign as well as for Billabong. She had a baby in Jan and the documentation of it, by her boyfriend who is also a photographer, is just amazing. I mean, how can you get so lucky, your life documented in such a gorgeous light. Check out the photos of her pregnancy and baby, alba, below.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Zana featured on Etsy homepage!

Exciting news, Zana, the lovely brand my mom and I started, was featured on the homepage of Etsy, which is actually quite a big deal for those of you who know Etsy. It is a great boost to your views and It actually led us to have our first sale! 

One thing I know about Etsy is that when you sell "expensive" things, ie. over $30, it takes a while to get your brand out there and get sales. We have been approached by a few South African websites wanting to sell our products locally and that is exciting news. 

We also have new, different and fun things to sell on the horizon (aka when I get a chance to photograph them). We are also hoping to get into a few markets and just have fun with it, that's what its all about. Nothing too serious at this point, my mom and I just love to make things!

While exploring Etsy, I was looking at other stores selling from Cape Town, I came across Skinny laMinx which is an amazingly successful store by a clearly very creative and brave individual, Heather Moore. She sells locally and on Etsy and has made quite a name for herself, very inspiring! 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cupcake Mother's Day

Hello World!

Life is a little cray at the moment, you know, with me spending the first half of my 2 week holidays exclusively reading The Hunger Games. Which left minimal time to do the stack of college work Vega pilled on! Oh well, never fear, i am just sleeping less now to meet all my deadlines.

Dean and I, a baking, styling, crafting, photographing duo, entered this cute little competition. The brief was to use chocolates from a certain range and decorate a cupcake for mothers day. They asked for a 300dpi high res entry so i figure the winner is going to be published.
The competition closes today. Check out the entries we submitted below

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sneak Peak - Zana Products

Guess what, such exciting news, my mom and I are launching a home decor line through Etsy! I have been playing around with Etsy for some time now and been selling some vinyls and prints. Its such a rad platform to build an online store with a real identity. Plus you can avoid dealing directly face to face with customers as well as not having the overheads of a real store. Not to mention the global audience.

We are starting off with cute minimalist typographic and some other design throw cushions. We are also going to offer prints of these designs for your home! So exciting right? We hope to one day create jobs for African woman who have families to support, that has been my mom's dream for many years and we are taking this on together!

My mom has been in the print industry for years and she is such a light when it comes to how to make / print things, or even what materials to use. She seems to know everything and have an endless bag of tricks.
Check out the sneaky peak of our products below. Zana Products will be launching later today. 

Elizabeth Olsen NYC Street Style

MK & A Olsen's little sis has been cracking the nod among critics recently as she does really well in acting roles despite her twirl sisters' lack of acting skills. What they lack in acting they make up for in fashion!

Check out Elizabeth Olsen below walking the streets of NYC, love the whole look and I shall be channeling her this winter.