Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sneak Peak - Zana Products

Guess what, such exciting news, my mom and I are launching a home decor line through Etsy! I have been playing around with Etsy for some time now and been selling some vinyls and prints. Its such a rad platform to build an online store with a real identity. Plus you can avoid dealing directly face to face with customers as well as not having the overheads of a real store. Not to mention the global audience.

We are starting off with cute minimalist typographic and some other design throw cushions. We are also going to offer prints of these designs for your home! So exciting right? We hope to one day create jobs for African woman who have families to support, that has been my mom's dream for many years and we are taking this on together!

My mom has been in the print industry for years and she is such a light when it comes to how to make / print things, or even what materials to use. She seems to know everything and have an endless bag of tricks.
Check out the sneaky peak of our products below. Zana Products will be launching later today. 

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  1. This is so wonderful, I love the Mr and Mrs ones!!!
    I am sure to get myself some of those pillows once I get a Mr. hehehe